Discipleship Explored [New Edition]

On the tenth anniversary of the first Discipleship Explored film series, a brand new edition is set to be released.


Shooting began on March 13th and wrapped on March 31st, and in that time, the four-man crew travelled across five continents and filmed in seven different countries.

“One of the big changes we’ve made,” says Barry Cooper (writer and presenter), “is to incorporate interview footage from around the world. So our focus is still on Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, but we get to see how that letter has impacted believers internationally, including those who are being persecuted. It’s very compelling, and often very moving.”

One interview in particular left a huge impression. “We met a couple who had fled ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. Their only warning was the sound of automatic gunfire and RPG explosions a few blocks away, so they had a matter of minutes to grab some personal belongings, dive into the car and drive out of the city as fast as they could. They told us that their daughter was sobbing as she looked back at all they’d left behind. But then she looked up at her mother and said, ‘It’s ok, mummy. Our home isn't here. Our home is in heaven.’ Her daughter was seven at the time.”

The eight episode series was shot on location in Greece, Serbia, Jordan, Rwanda, India, Peru and the United States, and was directed by Stephen McCaskell who made the recent documentary Martin Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer.  

Discipleship Explored will be released, God-willing, in Spring 2018. We’d value your prayers as the team continue with post-production.  


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