About Us

Christianity Explored - North America is the gospel partner of Christianity Explored Ministries (CEM) dedicated to serving the church in the United States and Canada. 

Christianity Explored Ministries is a Christian ministry based in the UK with gospel partners around the globe. The Christianity Explored materials were created by evangelist Rico Tice and his team in the late-1990's while ministering at All Souls, Langham Place under the leadership of Rev. John Stott.

Since the first English edition of Christianity Explored in 2001 we've seen our course materials translated into more than 50 different languages. It's being used in over 100 countries around the world. 

Christianity Explored helps people meet Jesus in the pages of Scripture so that they love, live and tell the good news.  We support local churches in training and equipping ordinary Christians to share the good news.


The US charitible organisation was founded in 2008 by a small group of church leaders commited to evangelism through the local church and to supporting the global work of CEM.

In 2009, CEM partnered with publisher The Good Book Company to engage Ministry Director, Brad Bryd who began to promote the Christianty Explored materials more widely throughout various church and ministry networks.

In 2013, Alan Avera was appointed as Executive Director to establish and lead a team of key personnel to extend Christianity Explored's current networks of churches and advocates. 

In 2016, Kevin Allen was appointed as Regional Director to develop the expanding ministry in the western regions of both the United States and Canada.


Christianity Explored USA
918 S Pleasantburg Drive, Suite 018
Greenville, SC 29607

Alan Avera (Eastern US)
Tel:  (864) 630-9110
Email: alan.avera@christianityexplored.org

Kevin Allen (Western US)
Tel:  (719) 357-7538

John Kivell (Canada)
Tel: 780-289-1256,