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'Some of the best moments of my life have been in the Good News Club' | Anthony's story
I’m Anthony, from a place called Speak - a poor estate on the south side of Liverpool.
'They are often alone as believers onboard' Paul's story
Lighthouse Harbour Ministries was established in 1981 to reach sailors (also known as ‘seafarers’) on board cargo ships with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Three reasons I’ll keep offering Christianity Explored online after the pandemic
Training Director Craig Dyer explains why his church will continue to offer courses online even after the pandemic ends.
A conversation with Roger Carswell
Craig Dyer, Training Director at Christianity Explored Ministries, spoke to Roger Carswell, author, speaker and evangelist, about making the most of opportunities to grow and share the gospel during lockdown.
A conversation with Le Fras Strydom and Mark Campbell
Our Training Director, Craig Dyer, spoke to LeFras Strydom, Director of The Word One to One, and Mark Campbell, The Word One to One Training Director for Scotland, about life in lockdown and how to make the most of opportunities to share the gospel in the
A conversation with Dan Strange 
Craig Dyer, Training Director at Christianity Explored Ministries, spoke to Dan Strange, Oak Hill College Director and Lecturer in Culture, Religion and Public Theology, about evangelism in lockdown and cultural ideologies that are being challenged.
Useful resources from across the web
We've compiled a list of resources that might be helpful to you during this time, from our site and across the web.
A conversation with Glen Scrivener
CEM co-founder and evangelist Rico Tice and our Training Director Craig Dyer join Glen Scrivener and others to talk about how the current crisis offers opportunities for evangelism:
Reuniting with my prison chaplain after 20 years
Twenty years after our Director of Prison Ministry (Stephen James) was converted under the ministry of the Shrewsbury Prison chaplaincy team, he received an enquiry from a familiar name...
Who are you praying for in 2020?  
Prayer is tough, we know that. But we also believe there is no more powerful practice to have in our daily lives. That's why we're launching a new free prayer tool for you, your family, your small group, or your church.
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