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Re-learning love: Why the Gospel isn't just for the lost
"Although I'd been immersed in Christian culture since childhood, I was taken aback by the powerful truths about our Saviour so uniquely revealed through these beautiful, vulnerable stories."
Love, live and tell the gospel this Christmas
The most important preparation is not for Christmas events themselves, but for the opportunities they present to make Jesus known to those around us.
A God of abundance or scarcity?   
This Thanksgiving our Executive Director of Christianity Explored North America shares his reflections on God's generosity.
Will becoming a Christian make me happy?
There are few times in the year where we collectively anticipate happiness as much as at Christmas. Consider following up your Christmas events with a Bible-based series exploring where ultimate happiness can be found.
#SaturdayStories: Kenny   
Throughout October we'll be sharing stories of people whose lives changed when they met Jesus. This is Kenny's story.
To the Ends of the Earth: Denmark
Last week saw the release of Life Explored in Denmark! To celebrate its launch, we spoke to Jakob Morthorst-Jensen and Helle Jakobsen about all things Denmark, and how they're hoping Life Explored will help Danish people reconsider what they're living for
Your top six Life Explored tips 
Preparing to lead Life Explored in the new term? Here are some tips collected from people like you, all over the UK.
To the Ends of the Earth: USA
All kinds of churches across the US are using our materials: Baptist, Presbyterian, Non-denominational, Anglicans, and many others, in a variety of settings.
To the Ends of the Earth: Ukraine
We spoke to Kseniya Bondarenko about the political situation in Ukraine, evangelism, and how Life Explored is helping people learn English and the gospel.
To the Ends of the Earth in 2019 
Christianity Explored Ministries helps people love, live and tell the good news of Jesus all over the world. Now we need your help. Today we are launching a year long matched funding campaign.
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